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What is CRM Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing can be defined as process of standardizing database structure and removal of dead or duplicate data. Data cleansing or scrubbing is the process of ensuring that CRM data is complete and accurate. A recent study indicates that every year near about 25% of data gets obsolete. By this rate no business can depend on their database without data cleansing or validation.

If the success of your business plan is dependent on the database, then one needs to ensure that the database is complete, correct, relevant and non-duplicated. If this is overlooked, then it can seriously affect your business plan. Data cleansing is certainly not a onetime process in the data base life cycle. It is a relentless and ongoing process that involves the standardization of database format, corrects spelling errors if any. It fills in missing data, segregates company level data, validates contact information, and removes dead data.

The frequency at which you need to validate your database depends on how fast the data gets updated.  This can vary with every type of industry. The benefits of accurate and effective data cleansing are numerous. When you approach customers with valid addresses, you save on mailing and postage costs. Marketing calls can be a piece of cake with validated telephone numbers. With your data in consistent format the data analysis will certainly be more accurate and effective.

Organizations have learned that data cleansing is an important step towards database management and several organizations are working towards it. Thus data cleansing has now become a major business in database world. With so much in stake, one must choose a correct partner for data cleansing. As it not a onetime process this partner must suggest an effective process by which data cleaning can be done effectively every time. Thus, B2B database cleansing not only involves creating new records but also includes increasing accuracy and completeness.

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