What is the impact of Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing refers to the process of detecting and correcting bad or inaccurate data from a database. Data cleansing in B2B world refers to identifying incomplete, incorrect and inaccurate data and then modifying or replacing it with the correct data. The other popular terms used for this process are data cleaning, data-wash and data scrubbing. If you belong to the B2B world, then you probably have heard these terms a thousand times.

Being a part of B2B world you would agree that CRM data cleansing is a tedious, time consuming, repetitive and an ongoing task. For companies who have a huge CRM database, data cleaning becomes a challenging task. Keeping a clean and accurate database is the utmost priority in B2B world. To keep their CRM database up-to-date, many companies hire Data cleansing vendors who are highly qualified and offer best of the service. They can do it internally, but the data cleansing task requires expert and trained workforce. So, instead of spending time on training employees, companies find it easier to hand over data cleansing task to third party Data cleansing vendors. These vendors ensure to deliver good quality as well as validated data to their clients. Data cleansing services enable marketers to acquire clean contact data in order to maximize ROI through effective, efficient marketing campaigns.

B2B world in entirely different than B2C world in terms of the database. In B2B world databases are static but people are not. People keep switching their jobs and often change job profiles. So, marketers have to keep up with issues like companies / contacts constantly changing, moving address, changing names or closing down. Recent studies and surveys have shown that in the B2B world 70% of a company’s data decays every 12 months. For any B2B company their database is their biggest asset. And accuracy and relevancy is the nerve of their CRM database. The more accurate and relevant data you feed your marketing and sales systems the more output and results you get.

1. The first impact of data cleansing on your CRM database is that you have a valid, efficient and accurate data which forms a solid base for further activities. If your foundation is strong, you can build a huge palace around it.

2. A clean CRM database improves your marketing efficiency and becomes an integral component of the marketing mix.

3. With a clean CRM database organizations are able to improve ROI from marketing activity but are also able to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Data cleansing ensure that accurate and correct information is being feed to your marketing and sales systems.

5. Accurate and validated email addresses reduce the number of “hard bounced” emails.

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