What's The Biggest Obstacle to Getting the Most Value from your CRM?

The biggest obstacle to getting the most value in a CRM is the dirty, stale, inaccurate and duplicate data. Duplicate, incorrect and dirty data in your CRM database is more or less similar to the back pain. Very few actually try to purge the pain and only some marketers endure the pain associated with dirty data, while majority of the marketers just accept it as a fact of life. Dirty data slowly starts to hamper your CRM database quality and your CRM starts to suffer big time. As your CRM suffers, the business starts to falter. A lot of time and money is wasted and marketers spend more and more time trying to stick a band-aid on the problem. Since the CRM system is simply a framework, the data within it holds the key to its success.

Over time, as the data ages, it becomes less accurate and more prone to errors. Data quality has harmful effects on any database held by a business. For example: your marketing department needs accurate contact records to send out its communications and it needs to be able to segment database effectively, but if this data is inaccurate or stale, all efforts are just useless.

How to ensure you get the most value from your CRM?

Following are the three steps to ensure that you get the most value from your CRM and maintain a good quality data for your sales and marketing teams.

  1. Cleanse and standardize your customer and prospect information to ensure that it is up-to-date, accurate and actionable.
  2. Enrich and add context to your information. Once your data is standardized and cleansed, add value to your data by enriching demographic details and contact details. Enriching your CRM database with hundreds of variables can provide deeper insight into your existing customers. With deeper insight, you can better service your customers and offer tailored products and solutions.
  3. Keeping your CRM data clean and current is a process which is ongoing. It needs to be frequently checked & updated for best results. Automatically update your data right through the applications you already use so it remains complete and current.

    The only way to practice good data hygiene is using CRM data quality solutions that offer adequate protection against decay. That means constantly checking the CRM data for errors using specialized data quality software, and ensuring new errors are not introduced at the point of entry.

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