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Why to Segment B2B CRM Data?

CRM is the foundation of B2B marketing strategies. CRM data helps B2B companies to build business and better customer relationship. To optimize the benefits of CRM data you need to segment your CRM data to produce list of contacts to facilitate your sales and marketing marketing activities. Segmentation of CRM data involves dividing bulk into various groups having similar characteristics and needs. . 

Why to segment CRM data?

Today marketing has changed from transactional marketing to relation based marketing. Maintaining effective customer relationship is an integral part of B2B marketing. This requires B2B companies to deliver more personalized and relevant message to their audience. Segmentation of CRM data helps to deliver targeted email messages to specific group of prospects.. The more relevant content you provide to your target audience the more they engage with your brand. Segmentation of CRM data helps to create content relevant to specific group, as per their interests and characteristics. 

The purpose of  B2B business interactions is  to add value, raise awareness and be relevant on the path. You can do this effectively by segmenting your CRM data. If you have  100 contacts, a 1,000 or 100,000. you can make more of an impact by tailoring your message to certain groups within these contacts. 

CRM data segmentation makes your lead nurturing program more effective by providing more relevant content. For example a person in an executive role requires different content than intern. In B2B you can segment CRM data based on  geography, the size of the company, the market or even the role in the decision-making process . This makes lead nurturing effective by resonating content with interest of your B2B contact. You can  also send tailored messages based on size of company like small business,Mid market and enterprise.

CRM segmentation helps you in number of ways so if you are not segmenting your CRM data then you are not utilizing it to the fullest extent.

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