Why to Use Third Party for B2B Data Quality Audit?

CRM data is the foundation of B2B marketing strategies. Organized and up- to date CRM data helps in effective implementation of B2B marketing strategies.  Quality of CRM data defines usefulness of that data .Due to this performing CRM  data quality audit is crucial to B2B organizations. 

CRM data quality audit can be done in house or by taking help of third party. This depend upon number of customer records stored in your CRM database and your data cleansing skills. Successfully performing CRM data quality audit is little difficult. Taking help of third party for performing CRM data quality audit can be beneficial to B2B companies in following ways

Provides you dedicated resource to check missing data

Incomplete data has huge impact on B2B marketing success. For example if contact name is missing for certain records in your CRM database then you can't personalize your email campaigns.  
You all are aware the importance of personalization in email marketing. Third party can assist you to check and correct  missing information.

Provides expertise in data cleansing and data management

Data cleansing and data management is crucial to keep CRM database healthy. This helps B2B companies to optimize their CRM database. CRM data has financial value in terms of it own and via the impact it can have on business processes. Due to this tackling CRM data quality challenge has become crucial requiring the  B2B companies to acquire expert skills in data cleansing and data management. Third party services offer those special skills by giving you access to experts in data cleansing and data management.

Allows to focus on core areas

 B2B companies need to assign the responsibility of identifying quality of CRM data and taking appropriate measures to improve that quality. Mostly sales and marketing people can help in this task because they use CRM data for sending emails and calling prospects. But this data quality audit  might be daunting for your sales and marketing people. Due to this sales and marketing people might not be able to focus completely on their sales and marketing activities. By assigning CRM data quality audit to third party you and your sales and marketing people can focus on core areas of business. Using a third party to perform a data quality audit allows you to reap the benefits without draining your time and resources.

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