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Working on Dirty Data Infections

When you get to the roots of the technology of dirty data infections that damage your database records, it is actually much more complex than it makes the issue appear. Dirty data usually enters the system through an entry point and badly affects the database. Fortunately, technology id advanced to keep a check on the damage that the infection creates, treat it at that point and also to induce mechanisms that validate and prevent the possible issues that can arise. The term infection is used as it affects the system and the data sets similar to the way a biological infection affects the system of living beings.

At the initial level, dirty data infections are primary and on a small scale. They affect selected sets of data and as a result the other aspects work absolutely fine. As a result there is a possibility that the infection can go unnoticed. It is possible to delete or fix the infected data sets.

At a bit higher level, the infection affects multiple data sets and thus business processes are badly affected. The technical guys need to eradicate these affected sets and also review if there are other data elements that are or may possibly get affected. This is actually the initiation of a critical situation and calls for a need to develop maintenance strategies to avoid further issues.

With increase in complexity, the infection affects almost the entire system and all datasets. The business functions are badly affected and are left with no option but to get the data cleansed. All the systems need to be quarantined to detect the issues and work on them. This level is indeed that of a much greater complexity and organizations need to have a full fledged and developed Information Technology unit to get this issue resolved. Else the other option is to outsource the task of data cleansing and redesigning database management. The highest level issue is the most complex as the damage goes beyond control. It needs to be reworked by re-routing connections, rebuilding datasets and if possibly restructuring the environment.

The only alternative to work on this extent of infection is to bring down the entire system and work on it with a new perspective. Since it has already affected the external networks, it affects the communications with your business prospects as well. They also face repeated issues in communications and as a result business relations are hampered.

In any case of data infections and any level, the first remedy is to develop policies that will validate the entry of dirty data into the system and thus stop the possibility of future issues. It is also practical that you invest in mechanisms that help you identify potential risks before the situations get out of control. In any of the cases it is always advisable to avoid dirty data getting into your system. You may work on getting things streamlined but the time lag reflects in the business and the prospects. The amount and duration for which these errors are transmitted also affects your business all the while.

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